Friday, June 12, 2015

Nami Resort's Spa and Massage Services - Best Spa in Boracay

ABBEY: Nami Spa is at the West part of Boracay, yes at Station 1. Beforehand we already knew that they are offering massage services. So we rode a tricycle and went there. The reception is at the top of the hill. You need to ride their elevator which is the kind of lift used when a building is being built. But you can't contest the interior; it was good. 

A couple spa costs Php1980 and yes they accept major credit cards. We were guided to a room where we can see the beautiful view of sunset and sea, plus the full moon during that time. 

I forgot what happened after I jumped onto the bed as directly went to slumber land. At the end of massage session, they applied peppermint ointment which made our bodies more warm and menthol-cool effect as we inhale. It was relaxing. They also gave us a cup of delicious ginger tea. 

I really wanted to sleep right there but we need to go back to our hotel.

WILL: The range of massages at the beach is Php300 and up. But if you want some privacy and some quite moment while lingering the kneading session you need to pay more. 

Massage is so popular in Boracay that almost every corner has an establishment that offers it. It ranges from Php1500 and up to staggering amount of Php7000+. Expensive it is. But of course, we will definitely look for a cheaper alternative. So we headed to Nami Resort. 

Nami is located at Diniwind Beach which is 5 minute walk from station 1, but we chose to hail a tricycle for our convenience. 

We were shocked to see the magnificent view in front of us. Nami Resort is located on a hill. From the beach, you need to take their stairs, press on a buzzer and a unique elevator will come down to fetch you uphill. 

After our mini sessions with Mother Nature, the masseurs came to us and informed that we are about to start. Then they lead us in a couple's room that overlooked the beach. Awesome! 

Enough with the view. The massage? Well, I heard Abbey snoring. That sentence maybe enough? Ha! Ok! My masseur concentrated on my neck and shoulder. Oh gosh! She knew where my pain and anxiety is coming from. After the massage a peppermint was applied to my back and chest. It gave me a sense of relief. 

After our 1-hour session they served hot ginger tea. Soooooothing!! 

I hope this blog will help tourists in Boracay where they need to run when they need a massage with an excellent service, view and romantic aura.