Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Golden Phoenix Hotel in Boracay (Station 3)

ABBEY: This is the second hotel we stayed in during our Boracay trip. Since it is at station 3, we sprinted to Station 1 to meet our contact for parawsailing and stand-up paddling. We were greeted by tables of food coming back from our water adventures. It is a buffet dinner. I took a lot of pork and chicken barbecue and made it a feast. I also have siopao and some fruits. There's not much guest during that time.

We went for a foot massage after dinner at their in-house Hotel Dream Spa. For less than 1000php, you can have an hour of relaxing and ache-removing massage. The massage is awesome and I had a good night sleep. My feet got very tired after all the activities but it was gone the next day. 

The next morning the rain poured but we were not dampened by it as the "unlimited" breakfast is waiting for us. Omelletes, sunny side up, dumplings, watermelon, and fried rice were available. Good thing we stayed for a while as they brought out lechon later; crispy lechon skin. Wow.

Wifi is chargeable per day. But during our stay it is free.
Few items though for them to improve. As I'm working on bank, I know how critical information security is. When we are doing our booking at the hotel, the staff is asking us to give the credit card number. Yes, this is ok as most hotel is asking for this. But they are also asking us to give a scanned copy of a valid ID copy and back of the card which the CVV is located. For what? Once the CVV is given, security is lost. Maybe it is part of the hotel's protocol, but once that info is out anybody can use the card. This is the only hotel who asked us for that.

Next is, Wilma is having a habit to put her feet up on the chair while sitting. I don't know the reason why, but she was told to put it down and we obliged. Maybe she has very short shorts. Thank you for the concern.But the next morning while eating, I saw one guest who did just what Wilma had done and wearing "short" short also but she was not reprimanded. That same staff is there eating as well. I waited for the staff's action, but resulted to none. Is there any different policy between a foreign tourist than a local one? If there is none, then better to check your staff's behaviour.

WILL: Because I want to experience the both world that is why we stayed at MNL Hostel at Bulabog Beach and I looked for a beachfront hotel at the stretch of white beach. 

Then I stumbled upon at the Golden Phoenix Hotel. They are having a free dinner buffet promotion and that enticed me to book on their hotel. 

What I like about this hotel? First, is their feather-soft pillow, no unnecessary smell and so white and clean. Second, their breakfast. Dimsum is overflowing. I think I have up to 10 servings of it, and 5 of those are spareribs. Third, their Dream Spa is open til midnight. For 60minutes, I slept there while Abbey and I are on a session of foot reflex. 

What are the cons? The pool seems full of sands so we do not dare to hop in to the pool. No white light inside the room, not totally lit. When we are having a dinner, a very loud speaker is in front of the hotel, it is irritating. No bidet?! And the last..I have this attitude that I always put my feet up on the seat. It is either on indian seat or fetal position.While we are waiting for our keys to check-in, one of the staff approached me and requested to put my feet down. I obliged without a word. But when Abbey saw a foreigner while eating breakfast and her feet are on the seat and nobody approached her, my husband is like a volcano ready to erupt. Haha! I told him that I am okay to stop his anger. 

Sometimes hotel is good but because of the attitude and management of the people working in there make the business flap down.