Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jurassic World Singapore

ABBEY: Jurrasic Park awed me when it was released on 1993. It was a good movie about those enormous creatures. And seeing them interacting on the guest of the park is really amazing. That's the same feeling I had when watching Jurrasic World. 

The park was reopened after years of waiting. As the technology advances, there'll be more way to study and breed dinosaurs. They even shown that you can make your own, when they raised Indominus Rex. A beast larger than tyrannosaurs rex and is a combination of multiple species. The owner of the park thought it was a good idea to have attraction like that; more terrifying, have more teeth, and more "cool". Little did they know what hell will they be in if it is out of its containment. 

The movie still give me suspense, keeps my hand sweating, and wondering when it will attack. It is good that they still kept raptors there (Go Blue). Now my wife want one as pet. Haha.

But I'm just wondering with these: Why Claire is the only one sweating a lot when all of them kept on running from the dinosaur? Does she has hyperhidrosis? She looks hot though. How can she manage to run that much wearing heels? Can Vin Diesel hire the boys as mechanic for putting an old vehicle back to action again?

WILL: The island was ruined again. Anyways, even it was destructed time and time again I still wish that there's a place with real dinosaurs. Haha. 

Steven Spielberg nailed this and topping chart again after the Jurassic Park last 1993. When I saw the trailer there is an urge from inside of me to watch this. My instinct as always is correct. It made me clapped after the movie. It awakens the wanna-be-bone-digger (Palaeontologist) in me. 

Jurassic World is very appealing to children rather than the blood raising and heart stopping Jurassic Park. Why? In the 2015 film shows that Tyrannosaurs Rex have a heart and will follow human command. This movie made me love dinosaurs more. Awwww! I love to have a T-Rex as my pet. Haha!

I recommend to my colleagues to watch this movie and promised that there is no dull moment. 5/5