Thursday, June 11, 2015

Things to Do in Boracay Philippines

ABBEY: Ok, ok, ok. This is another blog for the list of activities that you can do when you're in Boracay. 

On our second day, we were taken by a speedboat to the sea and have parasailing. I feel like I'm one of my toy soldiers that I used to tie in plastic bag for a makeshift parachute. Good thing that it is not too windy when we did it. I'm too small compared to the vast sea. It was a first for both of us so we really enjoyed the time at the top; maybe 30mins. 

The rest of the day is for island hopping. First stop is snorkelling. I'm not that afraid anymore and just had fun looking at the fish. Then we visited the caves at Crystal Cove. The stone formation is remarkable. The current and force of water shaped them throughout the time. Just make sure you got a secure foothold as it is slippery. Half a day was over so we filled up our tummy with lunch buffet; chicken and pork barbecue, kinilaw, and grilled fish. It was a sumptuous meal. While having siesta on the boat, we passed by the controversial West Cove owned by one of Manny Pacquiao's colleague as well as Shangri-La. We stopped to another beach on the other side of the island and took some snaps. The sun is already setting when the trip finished.

The third day was jam-packed with activities like the first. We started out with driving an ATV. I had difficulty in mustering it as I'm the one who holds the camera. No time to mount it :) We drove the vehicle towards the second highest point of the island, the Ocean Tower. You can take good panoramas here as it gives you 360 view of Boracay. 

Next challenge is taking snaps on the TrickArt museum. This is fun as you can be part of the exhibit like messing up with famous paintings or Cleopatra. 

After that, we rode a kiddie ride, Sky Cycle. This is more terrifying than parasailing. The cart screeched and produced noise as if it will collapse. I'll not recommend this; maybe I'll change my mind if they will renovate it.  

Before lunch, we went for the zipline on the highest point of Boracay. It is shorter than what we had in Cebu but still good and exciting. We relocated to a new hotel, had our lunch and then after land activities, we headed back to the beach. 

We went to experience paddle boarding. Wilma sat down on the board and I'm the one who paddles. I tried to stand up but I had a hard time balancing. It nearly cost me my specs after I tumbled in the water. 

The sun is going down, and its time for parawsailing. You will sit in the net laid out on the outrigger of the sailboat. It was very serene as you can only hear the waves and let the wind drive you.

Be sure to book the tours and activities with our own Kuya Niño so you can really enjoy your trip.

WILL: The sea is calling!!! 

Boracay really evolved its water activities. When my friends and I went there 8 years ago the only you can do there is island hopping, banana boat and flying fish. Even land tours that time is not available. Now Boracay caters all the wants of its tourists. 

8am is our call time. We were set for parasailing (Php900.00). Gosh! This is what I really want to do and I am ready for it since last year. Ha! We were booked too early by Kuya Nino, we're alone at the speedboat, it feels that we owned it. The owner also suggested for us to drive it. Nah! Pass! 

When the parachute welcomed the air, we were slowly pulled up..up...up!!! While on top, you can see the world in different angle. Voice inside me saying a non-stop thanks to HIM for creating this beautiful world for us to enjoy. The wind blows smoothly that relaxes our body. An excellent scene to spend with your loved ones. 

At 11am, we were set for our island hopping. I am quite nervous in how much we need to spend for this. Because we are only a couple. Its either we rent a whole boat or we will be looking for a set of people who wants to go with us. Well...Kuya Nino managed to squeeze us into another group so we pay for a minimal fee of Php800.00 which includes buffet lunch. 

Use of snorkelling goggles is free but you need to pay Php20.00 for environmental fee. Crystal Cove have an entrance fee of Php200.00. On that island you can enjoy the sweet scenery of royal blue waters, 2 coves and a lot of perfect spots for photo op. WARNING: Be careful at the coves. You can feel the fury of the waves in there. 

Kuya Nino is at MNL's doorstep at 8am on our third day. He scheduled us to go to Dreamland Boracay and for zipline. Luckily, zorbing is under maintenance. A big relief for Abbey. Nyahaha! For only Php650 we got an ATV, Ocean Tower, TrickArt, and Sky Cycle.

Driving ATV slowly taught me of being patient and to appreciate more the nature that surrounds the stiff road to one of the highest part of Boracay. Climbing the stairs of Ocean Tower is exhausting but the dramatic landscape of the island pays it off. Oh, Ate Arlene and the photographer lighten our morning even more when we started chatting and haggling about our photos. 

We drove back to Dreamland. It is our first time at any tricked museum for photo shots. Photos can be really deceiving. We were there early and the two-storey building was filled by our massive laughs when we saw the paintings on the wall. Creativeness will surely come out here. 

Sky cycle? That would be my first and last. The bike was emitting a creaky noise that seems anytime we might fall. 

The zipline service fetched us from Dreamland for free. Next to their stairs were you can see some of their pets. But I do not dare to have a moment because Abbey told me that they have a giant monitor lizard. Argghhh! It seems that Abbey is used in riding a zipline. He enjoyed it more than his first. High Five Baby! The people of this establishment is so cool and ready to share positive aura with you. 

We enjoyed Boracay's white beach when we checked-in at Golden Phoenix Hotel at station. Standup Paddling (Php300) is not easy as it may seem. More than ten times we were thrown out by the waves. I think our laughter can be heard on a mile long radius. Nyahahhaa! 

As we want to catch the sunset while on the boat. Kuya Nino scheduled parawasiling (Php300 each) for 6pm. It is bit cloudy that time but still the sunset is mesmerising. The waves gently touch our hanging feet. :) 

These activities will be outrageously expensive if there is no help from Kuya Nino. Call his handphone(+639158722855). Tell all the activities you want to checkout and he will do the scheduling for you. He really made our Boracay trip stress free.