Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar Boracay

ABBEY: I'm not aware that Jonah's fruit shakes are a "thing" in Boracay. All I know is that I want a refreshing drink after arriving on the island. Since the Philippines has the best mangoes on the world, I tried to have mango-banana shake. 

Within a couple of minutes, a glass of golden yellow drink was served. It was a great energy booster. The mango is not too sweet and has smooth texture. An order of fruit shake will costs you Php100 - Php120.00. I also tasted their tacos. No other comment on it but delicious. 

WILL: My friend's and I missed to taste the famous shakes from Jonah's when we first set foot on Boracay Island. In this time, I will not let the opportunity knocked me off again. It is on my list. 

We were looking for a place for us to have a 4pm snack then we stumbled upon at Jonah's Shake. Not on original plan but we chose to dine on the spot.

I got the well ordered mango-melon shake. Sip after sip. It is a just that Jonah's praised to be the best shake in Boracay. You will notice that the sweetness of this drink is not coming from a sugar but from the mango and melon itself. A perfect cold and smooth drink for almost 40degree celcius temperature at Boracay. 

Do not forget to reserve a seat on peak hours or you will be waiting too long for your turn.