Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AirAsia Philippines - AirAsia Low Cost Airline‎

ABBEY: So this is our first time to fly with Airasia, and I can say we have a pleasant trip. We took the one-hour flight from Manila to Kalibo. As usual it is more exciting to board the plane using the good old "ladder" or whatever aviation term they call it. Just make sure to avoid the engine :) 

We were greeted by their pretty staff Celina and managed to give a smile and a wave to our camera. I was surprised that they also offer meals on that short flight. Maybe for fliers who got no time for a bite to eat on the way to the airport. I got mine as well; chicken adobo. It was good and definitely filled up my half-empty tummy.

After our Boracay escapade, we took the same airline. This time as we enter the cabin, the stench filled our nostrils. It is as if the plane was used to carry frozen meat products. Strong smell of beef was over the place. It died down once we're up on the air. We landed in Manila at the exact time we were told. Thanks to the Captain and crew for a good flight.

WILL: Due to some unforeseen tragedies involving the planes last year makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable on hopping in at our AirAsia flight to Boracay. But all we do is say a prayer and ask for good voyage. :) 

I am expecting ZestAir planes that was acquired recently by AirAsia. And on last minute they send an email that they will use their own red plane for our flight. Wooohooo! 

NAIA Terminal 4 is their ground. We were astounded to saw that our flight was moved earlier at 9:40am instead of 10:40 without prior notice. Email or call was not received. Luckily we arrived at the airport at 7am. We checked in at around 8 and I keep an eye on the screen for us to board. 9am passed but the screen still flashes counter open for checked-in. Then an announcement was called for boarding for 10am. It is really stressful for passenger like us that do not know the exact time for our flight. Do not get me wrong that we do not ask for clarifications from the crew. Two different crew informed us 2 opposite facts. WTH!! Anyways, we boarded and was greeted by an all smile crew. 

We had our in-flight meal and it is awesome for that amount. We landed and depart Kalibo airport as per schedule. 

Please make your system and crew more accurate. For sure we will fly again with AirAsia. Please do not stop the exciting and the cheapest promo I have ever seen. :)