Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wings of Time - Where Imagination Takes Flight

ABBEY: After the seven-year stint of Songs of the Sea, it ended with flying colours. And speaking of flying, Sentosa offers another light, water and sound show with Wings of Time. 

We won a pair of tickets on the first day of the show itself. It was a story of Shahbaz going his way home with the help of Rachel and her friend Felix. Yes that is the story line. I can't see the connection of the concerto maestro as well as the role of the other casts on the plot. Once the animation began, the casts were "casted" on the sidelines unlike on the Songs of the Sea wherein there is an interaction. But in Wings of Time, the light show and fireworks are better. Your eyes will feast on the light patterns as well as its coordination with the fireworks and water. 

Tickets were priced at 18SGD for regular and 23SGD for premium seats.

WILL: Thanks to the State of Fun for giving us an opportunity to see first the most awaited show at Sentosa…The Wings of Time debuts last 17th of June.

The place is packed with people. Unlike Songs of the Sea, the audiences was more comprised more by adults. I am surprised that the performers singing LIVE! The speakers is more louder, the spotlight is more clearer, and there is more interaction form the viewers than before. Sorry for comparing this show at the SOS, maybe people cannot avoid to compare the past from every successor.

The water show, light and pyrotechnics here is better. Projectors is magnificent. Storyline? I think they need to improve the closing remarks.

Who wants to travel back time but no Time Machine to use? Go ahead at Sentosa and watch the Wings of Time. Click at Deal.Com.Sg Banner below for discounted rates.