Friday, June 13, 2014

Musubi Recipe

3 cups cooked japanese rice
1 1/2 cup of sushi vinegar
1 pack of nori sheets
2 cans of Spam

Fry the Spam then set aside. For the sushi rice, mix the cooked rice and the vinegar and mix well until the rice cools.
Cut the nori sheets 2.5inch wide. Lay one sheet on a flat surface and put a slice of Spam on top of it. Roll a ball of rice and flatten it on the Spam. Wrap the nori around then close it.

Spam Musubi is a snack originated in the island of Hawaii. 

WILL: I was astonished when I saw my dinner that night.. A giant sushi! Haha! Well, Abbey told me it is called musubi. And I more surprised that upon doing some researching on it, I learned that it is lunch food/snack in Hawaii and not in Japan.

Ditch out your chopsticks because you need your own fingers to put this growth-ball-infused-sushi for you to munch in. The taste! Perfect! I love the spam and rice dipped into soy sauce with wasabi. So good!

Baby, you never fail to surprise me. :p