Sunday, June 22, 2014

Privé Café - All Day Breakfast at Keppel Island

ABBEY: Care to have a breakfast beside a marina? You must try Privé cafe. We went there during the fourth day of my sister's visit. It would be advisable to hail a cab as there's no bus service going there. Or you can jog as part of your morning routine. 

We sat on a table under a tree and the morning sea breeze greeted us. We tried their Ultimate Brekkie (chicken frankfurter, eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms, and toast) as well as their eggs benedict which I liked the most. The poached eggs are creamy and well complemented by the sauce. 

You can take snaps with the yachts. It is refreshing while eating delicious food, hearing the sound of water and having a good ambiance. All day breakfast price start from 12-20 sgd.

WILL: This is highly recommended place by our friend blogger Nadine and by a magazine (sorry forgot where I read it). When my in-laws visited us here in Singapore,  we finally got the chance to check this Privé Cafe.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it will be more enlightening if you will do it in a very nice place. So before we start the final day of their tour here, we headed to Keppel Bay. We hailed a cab and once we alighted, parked yachts welcomed us.

Privé Cafe was jam packed. A very nice sight to see families spending a Sunday morning breakfast. 

If you're stomach is grumbling and you can't handle the emptiness of it, this place is not for you. It took them around 30mins to serve our food. I got the pancake, why? To check if the magazine I have read that Privè serves one of the best pancake here in Singapore. Well, its true! Bite after bite I was convinced. Soft yet firm. 

Like my friend and the magazine, I will recommend this cafe. :)