Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spanish Doughnuts Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma told me that we will be having Spanish doughnut as snack. On my mind, it is a bread with sweet topping and has a shape that resembles a ring. When we went to Spanish Doughnuts in Orchard Central, I got surprised when I saw that Spanish doughnuts are long like wands. They are dipped in melted chocolate (white, brown, or dark). They're called churros by the way. Also they offer the kind of pipe-like ones. Six-inch churros (bombons) are filed with bavarians and dipped in chocolate topped with sprinkles. 

You can get one for a price of less than 5sgd. I liked the dark chocolate bonbon churro as well as their  triple chocolate. The original churro is also delicious as you can taste the richness of the bread once it got fried.

WILL: Spanish doughnut here in Singapore? Before their 3+1 promo ends, Abbey and I scheduled a dessert date at Orchard.

Luckily there is a seat for two. I asked for the plain churros and Abbey was enticed to get the flavored ones. The cashier will ask for what dipping you want for the plains, I selected the white chocolate. 

The first thing I felt when I get my churroz out of the paper bag is too oily. This is my first time to get one of those so I thought it is just natural. Anyway, I can eat it all. 4 gigantic non-flavored fried doughnuts. Haha! 

We take-away some of it and after refrigerated for days, the same texture is still there. Still yummy with my white chocolate dip.

Please check them out at Orchard Central.