Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wrap & Roll Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma is craving for Pho noodles then she stumbled upon an online contest where we won a 20sgd voucher in Wrap and Roll. Unfortunately the kind of noodles she wants is not yet part of the menu on their Ion Orchard branch. 

I tried their rice noodles with grilled pork/chicken and deep fried spring rolls. It is a dry noodle dish but with savoury and tangy flavour. Their condiments really helps to bring out the taste on each dish. We also got our hands at work on doing grilled pork skewers roll; it was moist, saucy and delicious. 

WILL: Don't fool me. Don't you tell me that never, as in never ever, even once that you was enticed on the food posted on your facebook newsfeed. 

I craved and I missed the Vietnamese cuisine when I saw Wrap and Roll announcement on their newly opened branch at One@Kentridge. Asked Abbey to have a dinner there. Very, very lucky he won a contest at Where To Eat Singapore which entitled us on a $20.00 voucher. Sheduled!

We went to Wrap and Roll Ion Orchard branch. Sat, ordered and waited. I am so happy that day but when I saw the menu, my heart was crushed. No Pho Ga. The waiter told us that they will add that food in their menu on the next upcoming week. Anyway, why whine if there is so many choices to indulge in.

I ordered for Bún cá (Vietnamese Fish Noodle Soup). Our first time to eat a Bánh ướt cuốn thịt nướng (Grilled Pork in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls). We have fun and tummy-fulfilling date that night. We will be sure coming back for more noodle soup.

Hooray to your staffs! They patiently explains to almost every diners how to eat the appetizers
served. Thanks a lot to Where To Eat Singapore! for the voucher ;)