Friday, June 20, 2014

Cereal Luncheon Meat Recipe

This is a very easy to cook recipe.

2 stalks of curry leaves
A can of luncheon meat
Ready mix cereal
1/4 block of butter

Fry the lucheon meat and into 1-inch strips. Set aside.
On a pan, melt the butter, and put the curry leaves then the cereal.
Mix it well. Then put the luncheon meat. 
Serve with hot rice.

WILL: This is one of the great perks when going out with friends and having a potluck. We tasted different kinds of food and have exchanges of recipe. And this time, Abbey and I came across with Ma'am Ivy's masterpiece.. the Cereal Luncheon Meat.

Abbey gladly cooked it for a dinner. Salty and sweet. Really, really good. Next time, we will bring this as our food contribution on next friends' meet up :)