Wednesday, June 11, 2014

S.E.A. AQUARIUM (Singapore) Marine Life Park

ABBEY: Many times we talked about going to SEA Aquarium in Sentosa and we planned it when my sister went to Singapore for a visit. We came across an online promo; 50sgd for 2-adult compared to 38 per pax for regular days. Children under 4 years of age can enter for free. 

The places I like is the two tunnels; one exhibiting sharks and the other sting rays. The jellyfish really caught my attention. They were in a tank wherehe light varies from color to color. It was being reflected on the jellyfish as if it is their natural colors. Also their motion is graceful; taking time in roaming on the water. 

The giant viewing deck which resembles an auditoruim gives you a good view on life on water. I'm big and tall but standing next to the giant creatures made me a dwarf. This is a good place to go specially for kids. 

WILL:  Welcome to Singapore, Armas Family! Supposedly they are going to visit us 2 years ago but some great and happy thing happened that cancels their tour. And that is DomDom.This evolved mainly for the enjoyment of little DomDom that is why we skipped the Universal Studios of Singapore and went kids-friendly/educational tour.

First stop, S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa. This is the world's biggest aquarium before China beat it last year. It housed a lot of marine creatures that you can ever imagine. 

From the big walls of glasses, you can feel the greatness of the sea. The awesome and unique inhabitants of it and pretty perfect fishes. 

Here I saw live Nemo, Dory, and the cute fish from the past show "Songs of the Sea". 

Sharks will say hello to you, sting rays, the graceful dolphins, eels, and even the jelly fish will enlighten your day. 

We also saw some of the crews cleaning the glasses from the inside. Haha, it reminds me of the aquarium of my Tita Cely when I was young.

A nice place for your children. It won't take a whole day for you to check this out. Oh, they have a current promotion of 2 tickets for $50. Nice deal right? Click here to find out more.