Monday, June 16, 2014

Fullerton Hotel Heritage Guided Tour

ABBEY: I'm always mesmerised by Fullerton Hotel whenever we pass by it be it day or night time. And we are fortunate to be part of the tour for this colonial building last June 7 to learn more about its history. 

This building used to be the host for General Post Office. It even had an underground tunnel for easiness of post to be delivered. Singapore Club also had a room at Fullerton. With its grand ceiling the hall became wedding reception for the guests. The Fullerton also served as the lighthouse during early years but due to land and building improvements, the tower was located to another location. The original light tower is displayed in a park between Vivo City and Harbourfront Centre. 

The hotel is an eight-storey giant and houses an Italian-al-fresco bar. Now I knew the vantage point where you can get a good view of Esplanade theatres. Some of Singapore government dignitaries even made office on the hotel. A gallery for the works of Lee Kwan Yew can also be found there. History of some places around the hotel were also discussed on the tour like the Cavenagh Bridge where it used to be the rally point of the people.

WILL: Who will not know the Fullerton Hotel? The building that stands the test of time. The building that is well lit and very glamorous at night. The buiding.. The building with a great story and part of Singapore's history.

I checked out the Fullerton website for any promotions on their dining and room rates, luckily I stumbled to this tour complimentary to their hotel guests and to general public. I am fond of history, I emailed them to book a tour and asked my husband to apply for a leave on 7th of June.

It is drizzly Saturday afternoon when we walked out and in the hotel. The tour started when all the hotel guests signed-up were already there. Florence, our tour guide is very charming. She kept the tour lively by inserting some jokes, questions and trivia. 

She explains the architecture of the historic structure, she enumerate us the prominent people who used housed in that building and I was amazed when she told us that very building once a post office. We walked up until we reached the former place of the lighthouse and again jaw dropped at the beauty of Singapore.

This hotel is magnificent! You can book a tour here. It's FOC. :)