Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Darla Pizza by Yellow Cab Philippines

ABBEY: My wife introduced me to this unique pizza when we were dating during boyfriend/girlfriend stage. And we came to like it. 

You'll be given a pizza in which you can top it up with herbs and greenies then roll it like a burrito. The pizza is aromatic and delicious. I can finish maybe two at one sitting. What a fun way to have your dinner.

WILL: Shakey's, Pizza Hut, Manhattan, and even Domino's are here in Singapore, what I am missing? Sbarro and Yellow Cab.

When Abbey and I got the chance to splurge for some pizza on our way back here in Singapore, we easily jumped in. OMG!, so thankful to have a Yellow Cab branch at NAIA terminal 3. 

Together with Abbey's colleague, we ordered Dear Darla. With excitement, I am the one who first pull of a sheet of pizza, put the alfalfa sprouts and arugula, sprinkles with chillies, top up some of their famous oil. Wow! I can finish the whole box! I am drooling while putting these words together. Haha!

I will surely visit Yellow Cab again! Thanks my Dear Darla for satisfying my cravings!