Thursday, March 13, 2014

BonChon Chicken Singapore @ Bugis+

ABBEY: We have tried BonChon at their Trinoma mall branch in Quezon city. The place was jam-packed as it is also small. The one they had at Bugis+ mall is bigger. We had a lunch there after visiting Vince. We got a couple of order of wings good for 3. The sauce is mixture of soy garlic and spicy. 

Heads up, waiting time will definitely test your patience. But with Wilma and Vince as companion, we never ran out topics to talk to. With occasional follow-up"s" (yes with an s), our order was served. 

The chicken is crispy and the sauce has been absorbed by the meat and not too greasy. I'm not ashamed to lick my fingers as the really stood out. With a bowl of hot, slightly-sticky rice I indulged and had my fill during that lunch.

WILL: Lunch with VA, we saw BonChon just near his place.. Bugis+, and I declared for us to dine there. Ahehe! 

We ordered wings and drumsticks. Once our tummy starts grumbling, our food came in. Bite and a crackling sound resonates around my brain! Shocks this is so crispy. Crispier and tastier than the Philippines' BonChon. Really way far from the tastes we had at Trinoma. 

No words can describe the happines we had after dining here. :) Please give it a try..