Sunday, March 23, 2014

Earle Swensen's at VivoCity

ABBEY: We have redeemed dining vouchers with our bank card points a couple of times. And now that it has come to an end, we tried to use it on Earle Swensen's. We visited their branch at Vivo City mall. 

The reception area is small but once you were ushered to your seat, you will find the dining area has a lot of space and very comfy.

I ordered fish and chips as I was craving for fries. Unfortunately, the fries was cooked "well done". I didn't have the time to ask for replacement since I ate half of it already and the fries somehow tasted good as they are crispy.

Also, the salad bar is open. So we packed our plates with cherry tomatoes, croutons and greens. We also got a rootbeer float. Total bill? 63sgd, but we paid only 3sgd. Thanks for the vouchers. It was a good meal.

WILL: First of all, thank you so much to Citibank Singapore for this $60.00 voucher. We had our ice cream at Swensen's before but what is with Earle Swensen's at VivoCity? Let's find out.

The Earle Swensen's VivoCity branch has a quite cosy feeling than the other Swensen's branches. We sat on a very comfy seat and ordered. Savory Chicken Baked Rice and Rootbeer Float for me and Abbey had Fish and Chips and Tuna Quesadillas for an appetiser  After we stated our wants, the server told us to help ourselves at the salad bar. I am a fan of leafy green vegetables so I really went gaga when I found out that it is a SALAD BUFFET!!!

Let's do the verdict at my food. The chicken baked rice is not so creamy. Sad. Lacked of sauce. I just gave to my husband half of it in exchange of his fries. In my disappointment with my meal, I just fill up my tummy with their salad. The rootbeer is perfect. So smooth! 

Next time, we will try your San Francisco style grilled menu.