Friday, March 21, 2014

Malay Heritage Centre

ABBEY: Malay Heritage Centre is located at Sultan Gate near Arab St./Muscat St. where Masjid Sultan is a famous landmark. The centre exhibits the history, culture, and occupation of Malay Singaporeans. The facade has its name on it and a fountain. 

The building has a touch of mostly yellow and brown. No footwear is allowed inside but you won't feel any dust as the place is clean.
It displays artifacts like guns, gifts of sultan, knives as well as the tools used for fishing (boats and nets) and livelihood utensils.

As Filipinos are of Malay decent, I can relate and see where did we come from and how we are evolving through the time.

WILL: Like Philippines, Malay race influenced Singapore big time.

I am so pleased to checkout last 2014th Chinese New Year the first Istana Kamping Gelam. When you get here, please take note to take-off your shoes before going in; maybe this is to preserve the natural beauty of the wooden floor.

You will see in the gallery the maps, pieces of jewellery  their culture and my favorite part are the games. Gosh, when I saw that short film, it felt the urge to play those outdoor games again!

Hooray to National Heritage Board for the effort on preserving this house. If you are Singaporean and Singapore PR, you can enter this for free.