Saturday, March 29, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

ABBEY: As the story of the first installation ended up in raising an army to defeat Xerxes, the sequel turned back the time to show where he came from. He came to power to avenge his father's death, King Darius. Armed with mystical power by transforming into a "God-King" he commanded Artemisia (Eva Green) to rally a battle at the sea against the Athenians. 

They suffered loss against the Greeks led by Themistocles. Artemisia even offered the second in command rank to him but he declined. She mustered more troops to fight them. The Persians could have won if not for the reinforcement of Spartans of Queen Gorgo. Then the rest is history. Kindly refer to the Battle of Salamis. 

Lesson from Xerxes : You have the power. You have money. You're a God-King and you have Artemisia. Enjoy what you have than go to war :)

WILL: I am a fan of war movies. I love see surprises on every attack of different side. If you want me to be with inside a movie theater look for a genre of film like this. 

I watched 300 and of course I was delighted to know that there's a part 2. 300: Rise of an Empire gave me shivers. While watching, I confessed to myself that this is the movie I always wanted. Themistocles and Artemesia fought in the Battle of Artemisium. 

After Eva Green laid on the arms of death, film was also ended. Then I was disappointed! My question is, which empire is on the rise in this film?