Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mang Larry's Isawan (Isawan sa UP Campus)

ABBEY: By the time Pareng John and Mareng Denise treated us for a full body massage they also planned our food trip at an isawan located inside UP Diliman. But that was spoiled due to rain and the place got muddy. On an open ground near the vicinity of Alumni Hotel was a food shop where you can satisfy your grilled-inards hunger. Chicken isaw (intestine) is priced at 5php a piece.
And pork barbecue at 10php. Two dips/sauce are there to choose from; spicy and not spicy vinegar :) The container of spicy one is almost red due to chillies. I only eat isaw and barbecue but since it is already dark when we got there I just munch on whatever I got :) They were all delicious and fresh. We also had dirty ice cream and avocado shake which made Wilma's sore throat worse.

WILL: This is was long awaited promise of Mr. And Mrs. Chua to me and Abbey, when they jokingly asked where is our next stop for our Saturday adventure, we hollered isawan sa UP. 

UP isawan is famous to its clean and yummy grilled chicken and pork intestine. And when we reached the place, too many people, our order was done after 1 hour of waiting. Is the waiting worthy? Yeah! 

For only Php5 you can indulge with this streetfood. Oh darl, the vinegar, its legendary! Haha. While waiting buy some ice cream in the cart and try the avocado flavor. 

Apologies for this very dark pictures. The area was not well lit. Enjoy!