Friday, March 14, 2014

Memories at Old Ford Factory

Abbey: This museum located at Upper Bukit Timah is a 45-minute bus ride from our place. As its name implies this is where Ford vehicles were made until the Japanese occupation. On front of a building is a giant drawing of a boardgame like Snakes and Ladders; which was a pastime of the prisoners of war during that period. The curators welcomed us warmly on the exhibit. They also led us to a viewing room to watch a documentary regarding Singapore's history during World War II. When the war broke out, the facility assembled not vehicles but fighter planes. The old factory also houses the room wherein Gen. Percival signed the surrender document that led to the invasion of Japanese Imperial Army led by Gen. Yamashita. Ruined by war, it was restored and now exhibits World War II memorabilia. Adjacent to it is the National Archives of Singapore and a garden plot that features crops during wartime. We also bought a stamp sheet to add to our collection.

WILL: Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Yeah, I know we are in a middle of March now, and apologies for posting this so late.

2nd day of Chinese New Year here in Singapore, we planned to go to the Old Ford Factory. Again apology for not researching before planting our foot in there. I am expecting cars, cars, and bundles of cars, haha!, but we found a place to be treasured. 

A giant snakes and ladders were at the front of the museum, childhood flashback indeed. When we go inside, the friendly staff welcomed us. We roamed inside and the idea of 2nd world war became a reality. 

After the visit, we watched a short film how Yamashita bluffed General Percieval. Maybe, if I was on Great Britain shoes, I will surrender also because of lack of water supply for his people. Japanese is really good in offence and world invasion is all they want. They are fierce in getting what they want whenever they want. 

This is a very nice place to go. Thanks to National Hetitage Board for a free entrance. :)