Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nike Flyknit Airmax 2014 - His and Her Shoes

ABBEY: My classmates during my elementary days used to discuss and boast about their shoes. That was the time Airmax was added in my vocabulary. But still I'm not keen on buying one since that was too expensive. Being blessed and having some change to spare, I got the red 2013 Airmax; very comfortable. 

So as a gift to Wil, I planned to buy her a pair. Only I came to know when I was about to buy that they have released their Flyknit version. Since the 2014 airmax color is pale, I ended up buying Flyknit with the striking colors :) She was surprised but I got the more of it when I went home and saw I have my own. Still the same comfort is there but more air and lightness on the shoes.

WILL: I am puzzled when Abbey always tells me that his 2013 airmax gave him a such comfort and he suggested that I should buy one in replacement of my 2 year old running shoes. I affirmed the idea but I know that I am not ready to splurge on things like this. 

Before Hearts' day of 2014 came, husband gave me the 2014 Nike Flyknit Airmax. Instead to give thanks, face-to-face asked him how much it costs, he answered "Mura lang.". Then I say my thank you after his response.

Everytime I wear my new shoes, Abbey always admires the color. And I really sensed that he likes to have one too. Haha!