Monday, March 3, 2014

Balducci Ristorante (Serendra) - Executive Lunch

ABBEY: We were strolling at Serendra and looking for a place to dine. We entered Balducci; an Italian-cuisine restaurant that offers sumptuous lunch sets. 

I got steak with angel hair olive oil pasta (Involtino Manzo con Capellini Aglio Olio). The pasta is cooked well and full of flavor. The steak is medium-rare. Its sauce is creamy and has good amount of saltiness. 

WILL: Yehey! At last we are going to Serendra not for a night out but for a wholesome lunch with my forever friends and my husband. 

We walked and walked but no place strikes on my attention until we saw the Balducci Ristorante. It magnetised me, how?, the ambiance. My expectation of the quietness met and it felt so homey. Intimidating but the price is quite affordable. 

We were there to check out their executive set lunch which is surprisingly no dessert included nor drinks. I ask for Polleto al Mattone con Penne al funghi which is mainly a chicken and white sauced mushroom pasta. They offered complimentary bread and spreads which are chicken liver spread, butter and tomatoes. When our orders came one by one, I instantly dig in to the caesar salad and pasta. I love salty food but I can't stand their chicken. I immediately call the attention of their manager and she offered us another meat. I refused and just told them if they can give me another set of their beautifully cooked pasta. 

The set lunch costs Php550.00