Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bornga (Original Korean Taste) at VivoCity

ABBEY: We have dined in at Bornga Korean restaurant at Vivo City for lunch after a book hunt at Logos Hope. Feeling that I won and got my prized books, I ordered Chadol Duenjang Jigae. It will be prepared to you by their chef at your table. Unfortunately, I said yes when he asked me if chilli should be added. I'm not that a fan of chilli as my tongue gets numb and I'm not able to taste the food. The chandol taste sour and spicy; maybe its because of the kimchi. 

We were also given small bowls of side dishes like soy sprouts and anchovies. It was a new experience to have dined in a Korean restaurant. Next time I'll try their bulgogi.

WILL: After our hunt for discounted price books of Left Behind Series at Logos Hope, we decided to splurge on our lunch. It was the 2nd day for 2014 Chinese New Year holiday and we understand that almost all of restaurants will be packed by hungry people.We set our foot at Bornga. Well, I have a craving for Korean cuisine for that day and Bornga will be perfect.

I asked for Dolsot Bibimbap. They poured in a complimentary bottmless hot tea and the side dishes starts settling on our table. I was so shocked that was really a lot! I jokingly told to the server that the side dish can fill my tummy and hope that I just ordered a steamed rice, haha. 

Dolsot bibimbap is very good specially partnered with kimchi. Oh, I love kimchi a lot. 

This is a very recommended place to dine. The place is very relaxing and the attendants are very accommodating. 

Thanks a lot Bornga Team, you made our holiday so great!