Monday, March 31, 2014

Todai Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

ABBEY: Todai restaurant offers buffet of Korean, Chinese,  Japanese, and Singaporean cuisine. We visited them last March at The Shoppes@Marina Bay Sands along with our housemates. 

As usual, we come at the exact time. Never waste a minute during buffets :) 

As starter, I had chicken karaage and fries; the chicken was crispy and juicy. Next, I indulge in salmon sashimi and inari. Then I got some skinny pizza and pasta along with chunk of pork belly and slice of steak. The meat was juicy and moist. I repeated the process until I'm full :) 

Since Todai is celebrating Korean Strawberry Festival when we doned in, we got a complimentary strawberry shake. One person costs 68sgd for a Sunday dinner with free flow of drinks.

WILL: Are you craving for sushi and yet your sweet tooth is kicking also? One plate or two serving will not satisfy your drooling? Todai will be the answer for you.

After Abbey bought his dream iPad mini on the first IT Show of 2014, we immediately headed to Todai to meet up our housemates for the dinner. 

Hastily went for tempura. Then I attacked their sushi. They are the best. 
The chefs really thought really hard for their masterpieces. Over and over and over, I ate those sushis. Haha. I also got one round of fresh oysters. 

Hail to their great pyramid of macarons. I really make my tummy full of those and I partnered it with a tea. 

Thanks to our housemates for inving us for a dinner. Till next, next month guys!