Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fazer Geisha

ABBEY: This was a reward from Ma'am Josie for being the first person who can guess the place that she posted in Facebook. She came from Paris but I don't know if the chocolates were from there as well. 

I'm guessing it is not (don't get mad Madamme if my assumption is wrong) as the cocoa bites were named Geisha chocolates. They are sweet and smooth. So whenever I went to the fridge I get a couple of them and eat for my sweet tooth. Thanks again Ma'am Josie.

WILL: My husband is so happy when Ms. Josie Jean hand over her price to me. Well, its a box of Fazer Geisha. I saw a pink wrappped chocolates and thought that it would be a strawberry flavored, haha! So damn! 

Unwrapped and ate one, no strawberry!!! Popped another one and one and one. The chocolate milk and nutty filling complement each other. Not so sweet but will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Thanks Ma'am Josie Jean Traya ;)