Monday, March 24, 2014

Rejoice Container Services Pte Ltd at Bishan Park

ABBEY: We have visited a couple of parks here in Singapore including Bishan Park which we went to recently. As usual I'm the "uninvited" guest at Rejoice's gathering. 

Bishan Park is a huge place occupying about 62-hectares of land. Outdoor activities like picnic, jogging, skating (inline skates can be rented), and kite-flying are amongst you can do on the park. They even have dog playpen too. 

The most prominent feature is the old concrete canal that was transformed into a river with the purpose of encouraging the people to get closer to the waters. Stepping stones were set so people can crossover it and enjoy the sight of fish and water plants. But the public is being reminded that when the sirens went off during strong rain showers they should immediately get out of the water as it rises up to 3-meters high. A peak was also formed so visitors can get a good vantage point of the site. 

Visit the park day or night and you will be amazed, relaxed and refreshed.

WILL: Our Rejoice Family organized a mini-event, an outdoor fun at Bishan Park last Saturday, 15th of March. Clap, clap, clap to Sherwin for arriving first. Haha!

As instructed, each will bring a meal from our own kitchen, Abbey and I really put an effort to cook that time. Why? We both thought that we can just order 4 boxes of pizza but Ma’am Ivy suddenly asked us to cook something. Well, hello to kwek-kwek!

All brought food and we sat there, listened to stories, eat so much and laugh a lot! We are so full that time and that makes us so sleepy! Kung pwede lang matulog dun talaga. Haha!

We bid goodbye around 9PM. The Bishan Park is so perfect for jogging, cycling, picnic and even watch the fish swim against the current. The cool breeze is so relaxing! Thanks Rejoice Team for introducing Bishan Park to me and Abbey :)