Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cameron Mackintosh's Les Misérables (Singapore)

ABBEY: At last we got the opportunity to watch Les Mesirables live. It was held at Esplanade Theatre. Before it started, we took snaps on their backdrops. As we enter the theatre I kept on searching for Row B until I realized it was the frontmost row. Yes, the stage and then our row. I was under the impression that we're on second row.
Anyways, it got me excited. 

I'm able to see the actors clearly with all their facial expressions. So clear that I can see spits from Jean Valjean and the glittering braces of the actress who played Eponine :) One disadvantage is that you cannot see the actor when they lie down on the floor. Another one is there will be limited view if you're not in the center; and we're in the left part.

The musical is great; Opening act, Master of the house, One Day More, every part of it. Really appreciate the hardwork of the production for us to see a masterpiece and enjoy it.

WILL: I wished for me to watch Les Miserables on stage when I saw their movie. I know from my heart that it will create a great satisfaction for myself. 

Last year they announced that they will visit Philippines and I immediately posted a facebook status and tagged Les Miserables facebook page and Marina Bay Sands. Gosh! I am so delighted that they and ALMIGHTY granted my wish! Wohhoooo!

Abbey and Chat was really decided to go for the nearest row on the stage. I reserved our ticket and bought the "B" seats (all A) were greyed out. To our surprise when we reached Esplanade Theatre, it is the first seat, as in stage then us. Exciting right. 

From that side, you can see their expressions, the intimate feeling, even saliva! Haha! Oh! One thing, you can make a stare eye-to-eye with the actors and actresses. Booyeah! 

Even I knew the story, it still never fails me to make me cry! Huhu! 

And on that! I am actually thinking to watch again El Filibusterismo of Jose Rizal. Hmm. Is there any available stage play of that in Manila? Please let us know if have news about it. 

Les Miserables production, crew, artists and musicians. Thank you so much. You all made my heart so happy!

Cameron Mackintosh's Les Misérables - Sistic
Event Date: Tue, 31 May - Sun, 24 Jul 2016 
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
(W) http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/mis0716