Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Dough (Bun & Soup) - Suntec City Singapore

ABBEY: When we shoot Fountain of Wealth for our Singapore Flash Foward series, we found Just Dough bakery. It was recently opened and they're handing out samples. 

Without understanding what the staff is saying I grabbed a piece and put it on my mouth. I realized a familiar taste: shrimp. Haha. The staff got nervous when I told about my allergy. Who would have thought that the "siopao" can have tons of variations. We bought curry chicken, cream cheese, and cheesy chicken for not more than 2.60SGD a piece. 

The cream cheese tasted the best. The bakery also offers cakes. The takeaway buns should be resteamed before eating.

WILL: While walking at Suntec basement after our Singapore FlashForward shot at Fountain of Wealth, Abbey suddenly stopped and looked into a store offering steamed buns. He was given a sample that have shrimp (he is allergic to that) and the girl who offered that was so shocked when I informed her about my husband's allergy and it seems she wanted Abbey to spit it out. Haha. 

Anyways, we bought some of its variants. For only $1.90 I got to enjoy their Fruit Cheese bun. It is yummy that one is not enough. I like their Cheesy Chicken too. 

This is a great alternative on burgers or doughnuts for snacks or high teas. You will never go wrong on any flavors of this. :) 

I got to buy more when I got a chance to visit Suntec again.

Just Dough
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-169/170
(H) Monday - Fridaay 8am - 10pm ; 
Saturday - Sunday and Public Holidays 10am - 10pm