Friday, June 17, 2016

Abbey's First Speaking Engagement

ABBEY: Wilma "volunteered" me to speak in newbie session. I was nervous knowing the fact that I'll give a talk and what am I supposed to talk about. I chose the topic of conditioning the mind.

As I observe that people nowadays are overloaded with information towards personal finance and investments are everywhere. But knowing your purpose and changing the way you think is a whole different topic. I'm scared of what would be my audience's reactions, or if they would participate, or would they get lessons from me.

Then the day has come, June 4. I was early at the venue and people started to fill the room. The session went smoothly and I'm glad about the outcome. I reviewed my recording and I can say that I can improve. Till next time!

Credits: Rex Holgado

WILL: For 5 years, we never had a dull moment. We always talk about our day, our job, our business, our finances, our next escapade and most specially our dreams.

If you knew who Abbey was before, maybe you will ask him "What potion did you drink that made you of what you are now?". And with that, I want him to share to people what are the things he have done to achieve the "new" Abbey. The Abbey that is full of confidence and aspiration in life. Abbey that is spreader of positivity. Abbey that is a dreamer and not a hot-tempered/whiner.

And on his talk, I hope many people will not only open their mind to change themselves but to actually do it for their betterment and people around them.

See you again on Abbey's next talk. Vo-volunteer ko ulit sya. Haha!