Saturday, June 11, 2016

McDonald's Singapore - Angry Bird's Super Red Burger

ABBEY: I was amazed when I saw the ad of Mc Donald's about their new burger in relation with Angry Bird The Movie. It was a red burger. 

Wow, what does it taste like? One night we had it delivered. Lo and behold, a red burger. And when it is red, it means hot. The spicyness is kicking because of the pepper mayo. And the red bun? Well it is tastier than the other regular buns. The burger contains all these; chicken, lettuce, tomato, and egg.

WILL: My lady boss told me that there is a new burger unveiled by McDonalds and it has coloured red buns. Curious of the taste, one night Abbey and I decided to make a McDo Delivery and I deliberately ordered for Angry Bird Burger. 

I took a bite then sipped almost half of the large coke! The fiery pepper mayo sauce is way too spicy for my preference. The ending? We swapped our food. 

At least I know how spicy it taste. Hehe. Good job McDonalds Singapore in innovating your products! Now I am wondering what will be the next flavor they will offer? I love you Mcdo Delivery! Mmmwah!

McDonald's McDelivery