Thursday, June 23, 2016

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Lunch Buffet

ABBEY: This is where we treated Ate Pres for lunch upon their visit. This Korean restaurant is at 4th storey of Orchard Gateway.
This is one thing to take note of : No food wastage. A 100-gram of leftover costs 20SGD. This is a good policy so guests will take only what they can consume. Anyways you can go back to the buffet anytime.

I had spicy rice cakes, jap chae and some kimchi. But what I enjoyed the most is their steamboat. Tofu, chicken and pork balls in collagen soup is delicious. I also made a dipping sauce with sesame oil, chili, vinegar, and soy sauce. I waited for their Korean chicken but only chicken nuggets were served. My dessert is sweet watermelon. One pax is $16.90++.

WILL: Nieces, nephew and in-laws surprised me here in Singapore. They visited the Little Red Dot with little time. Haha! So when they gave me a chance to plan for their Monday schedule I did not hesitate to look for available slots for a lunch buffet that is just right for my budget. 

And then I took the opportunity to finally dine in at Goro-Goro. This place is pretty famous with people who offers Korean Steamboat at a very low cost. They get their pricing lower "some more" if you are a student. Deal? Deal! 

Our group, consisted of seven,were entitled for 4 soup flavors: we chose Mala, Ginseng, Tomato and Collagen and get lucky that the collagen soup was served in front of me(Good for the skin).  

Their buffet offers not so much that time but I enjoyed the meal. Specially when I got their dumplings!! Tasty! I can eat those dumplings cooked at collagen straight for 2 hours. Haha! Then their fishball and their omelet. Juices are refillable too! 

Guys, guys! You do not need to spend a fortune just to eat to a buffet restaurant. Try GoroGoro and enjoy your Korean Cuisine food while watching K-Pop artists! :)

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet 
218 Orchard Rd #04-01 Gateway@Emerald

Adult $16.90 ++
Child $9.90 ++

Lunch (Sat/Sun & PH)
Adult $25.90++
Child $16.90++

Dinner (Mon- Thurs)
Adult $25.90 ++
Children $16.90 ++

Dinner (Fri-Sun, Eve PH & PH)
Adult $27.90++ 
Child $16.90++