Monday, December 7, 2015

Damai Spa - Grand Hyatt Singapore

ABBEY: From time to time we need to unwind and get relaxed. So as part of our company's insurance we can avail wellness benefits which include spas. We booked at Damai in Grand Hyatt Singapore. We were given coconut juice before the session and a couple of minutes later we were ushered to our respective rooms. After telling me where to put my things, I took a shower. They have "Japan toilet". The one where the sit is warm and has high-end bidet system with only a push of a button.

The masseur is waiting for me to wash my feet and give them pre-massage. I was also asked what oil they should use. I picked the healing one as it smells relaxing and refreshing. And yes most of the session I'm asleep. The pressure is medium and it is ok for me, not a fan of hard massage. What I liked the most is the foot massage. They were aching before the massage, but after I felt like I'm walking on cushions.

The session ended with a cup of ginger tea so good that we asked for more. The next batch came in a teapot. :)

WILL: If you will search In the internet "Best Spas in Singapore" Damai Spa is always included. For my husband's birthday month, we got to check this out. Haha! 

I booked for a 75-minute Classic Swedish Massage for $234.00 each person. Expensive? Yes it is. This is under Abbey's insurance benefits so we do not worry too much about the price. Thanks AETNA! 

So when we entered the magnificent all wood reception we were immediately assisted to seat, gave us a freezing cold glass of coconut water and we waited for our masseurs. When they approached us, they guided us to our rooms. Gosh! The room is so huge and fancy. Ohh! I love their heated bowl seat. It is relaxing.

In bathrobe, I was welcomed with their foot bath and asked me what oil I want for massage. The massage starts. I requested for more pressure..of course and Ying's (my masseur's name) hand is like dancing on my back...then I fell on slumber. She got me back to reality when she asked me to lie on my back. :) 

Well, the massage is well done. But I regret that I do not have a chance to try their facilities because of our lack of time. 

When we were at reception I asked for a pot of their hot ginger tea. They gladly gave us a pot and 2 teacup. Love to stay in that relaxing place but we need to go for some errands. 

Till next time Damai Spa of Grand Hyatt Hotel.