Saturday, December 5, 2015

Brazil Churrasco - Barbecue Restaurant · Diner · Buffet Restaurant

ABBEY: It's my birthday and I'm entitled to eat for free at Brazil Churasco at Sixth Avenue. Brazil Churasco offers a buffet of succulent meat cuts.

We were warmly welcomed by their staff and ushered us to our table. Since it is our first time going there, they explained to us what is offered on that day. We were told to go easy on salad and appetizers for us not get full easily. They have wide range of selection in the salad bar like tuna, olives, pickled green chilli and cherry tomatoes. We also have creamy pumpkin soup and bread.

A couple of minutes we're sitted, then the main courses came one by one. First off is the turkey ham and pork sausage. Still munching on those then beef short ribs landed on our plate. After that came the smoked duck breast and the chicken hearts and liver. We dipped those in vinegar with cubed onion and capsicums. The beef hump is garlicky and I liked its taste and texture.

What I liked the most is the beef topside. Since it is my natal day, I can consider it as cheat day. The fat of freshly roasted beef runs thru the tender medium-rare meat. I think I had 3-4 servings of that. The last one I partnered it with garlice rice (tapsilog ala Churasco).

Thanks Brazil Churasco for sumptuous food you gave us. 

WILL: Happy Birthday Husband!! :) It's Abbey's birthday and I am on a hunt where we can have fine dinner in a decent place but with reasonable price. Haha! 

I am always eyeing for Brasil Churassco eversince they held a free dinner for the first callers on their anniversary. Well, I am not so lucky to have a free dinner that night, haha. But when they announced a free dinner for birthday celebrators well, I got to take that chance. So this dinner awarded Abbey a free-of-charge dinner buffet. ;) 

So what Brazilian Churrasco Buffet is all about? It is a buffet of barbecued meats. From pork, beef, lambs and fish, how about barbecued  pineapples and chicken heart? Haha. I am so glad to taste their beefs! It is tender, juicy and the milky taste is there. We are not usually eating rice when we were at buffets but meat are so yummy to pass the opportunity. Haha. Drooollll!

We will surely be coming back in here. Specially now, Sixth Avenue MRT is now up, Brasil Churrasco is just steps away from that train station. 

Kuddos to all the ever-smiling staffs that do not get tired rounding our table for meat. 

Do not forget to pair up your meat with wine guys!