Monday, December 14, 2015

Masters of Wealth Singapore 2015 - Live with Robert Kiyosaki by Success Resources

ABBEY: Financial education is needed now more than ever. Me and my wife read books, watch talks and attend seminars. That's why we were so excited when we knew that Robert Kiyosaki will be having speaking engagement here in Singapore. No more booking of hotels or catching a flight. It was held last November 29 at Resorts World Convention Centre. 

I saw parents went with their youngsters exposing them and giving them education at early age. It was a whole day affair, literally. We started at 9AM and stretched until 9:30PM.

The facilitator Jason Tyne ensures that the audience is not sleeping as he always asks questions and give exercise routines to the attendees. All of them are good speakers in their own fields. But there's one thing common in them: to motivate, boost and make you do the act and that is the start.

The ones who caught most of my attention were Peng Joon, JT Foxx, and of course Robert Kiyosaki.

Peng Joon talked about how to setup and earn money online. He is younger than me and my wife but he already reached greater heights. We opted to enroll my wife for his intensive seminar and I know this is the start of our formal training in that field.

JT Foxx randomly give his perception on the attendees. I'm glad that I was picked and everything he told is true and I got instant personality check. He talked how a person needs to take action to progress and should be done now.

Most of the speakers offer their classes which don't come cheap. You just need to choose what you really want. Time passed and the last speaker were introduced on the stage. Robert, as entrepreneur, no need for him to promote his classes nor the books. They are selling themselves. The take away from him is that change the mindset, study, learn and act.

WILL: He is one of my favourite author in financial literacy arena. Well, who am I to pass a great deal to see him in flesh and directly talking to me. Thank you Robert Kiyosaki and the gang for going here in Singapore!!! 

In pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, we were at Resorts World Sentosa too early to get a good seat. We were got the 3rd in row in the center. Yey! 

PengJoon make his way on the stage first and taught us how to earn in internet. JT Foxx interacted with my husband about branding. Kevin Green awed me when he blatantly told the audience that his secret in surpassing Robert Kiyosaki's real estate business. And a lot more speakers are there to make your eye and ears open for you to get a piece of their brains. 

Then Robert took the stage around 8pm. We never had dinner but still it is okay. Do not care with the growling tummy, I am there to feed my brain. As usual Robert uses a harsh words. But it is okay, because stup@d people need those forceful words to open up their minds for them to use their braincells. So Robert says saving money is not a good thing to do today, financial education is very important and people who are ready within will never be affected of any financial crisis that the economy goes through. In fact, if you are knowledgeable enough, you can make a tons of money in a crashing market. Do not worry Robert, I got you there! :) 

This is one of the most beautiful self-investment I ever went. Thanks Wealth Resources for making this dream come true. :)