Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Future of Us (Singapore) Exhibition 2015

ABBEY: As the name of the exhibit implies, The Future of Us showcases the future plans for Singapore. It was located besides Gardens by the Bay. It shows how an individual sees a problem and makes a solution for it. 

Intelligent cars that can drive by themselves, playground for persons with disabilities, future housing designs with vertical gardening are just few examples shown. 

The last dome asks every guest to put their wish for the city state. It just shows that nobody will be left behind when the Little Red Dot progress beyond.

WILL: So what's with Singapore after celebrating the big SG50? It is inlaid in this dome. 

From here, people saw what will the futuristic Singapore will be look like. What will be the steps to achieve those and how easy the life will be if that will happen. This Future of Us Dome mindsets the residents that those brilliant ideas are the plans of government for the Little Red Dot. 

I am so excited to see the future. I am fan of vertical gardening. Woooohoooo!! Majulah Singapura!