Monday, December 28, 2015

Broccoli, Carrots & Tofu w/ Oyster Sauce Recipe

Tokwa (1-inch in length and fried)
Brocolli (separated into florets)
Carrots (1 1/2-inch strips)
Oyster sauce
Black pepper

Saute onion then garlic. Then put in carrots, brcocolli and tokwa. Don't overcook the vegetables. Put in the oyster sauce and water for your desired sauce thickness. Let the tokwa sip some of the sauce and then serve.

Thanks to Terence for the recipe. We modified yours a little bit.

WILL: Architect Terence proudly upload a photo of his food that time and I tagged Abbey to cook it for us. 

Well, it is nice! I can eat that for a week. This is a healthy viand to take. Thanks Terrence for sharing your wife's masterpiece.