Tuesday, December 22, 2015

International Buffet Dinner at Window on the Park‎ (Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre)

ABBEY: Festive season is here. And cheat days as well. Nyahahaha. At last my bestfriend spare us some of her time. We had dinner at Window on the Park at Holiday Inn. 

The buffet has few choices but the food is delicious and fresh. I got a couple of plates of sashimi and sushi. I also had slices of roast beef and chicken, ham with their fried rice. It was aromatic and appetizing. Can't have even a piece of the chicken as it was mixed with shrimp paste (calling allergies). 

It was a good time catching up.

WILL: Abbey and I are proud of the restaurants here in Singapore. They are very competitive and only serve the freshest and finest. That is why, if time conforms to our foreign visitors' schedule, we never failed to let them experience a sumptuous buffet. 

For Abbey's bestfriend, Jenneelyn Flores, we went for Holiday Inn Orchard's Window on the Park Dinner Buffet via Groupon $40.00. 

Laksa, fresh oysters, sushi, ice cream, array of desserts, beef, and ham (because it is a festive season). What do I love? On all of the food that is in there? The shrimp paste fried chicken..perfect on their fried rice. The sashimi, the fatty part of fresh salmon is awesome. All you can drink tea and coffee is available. I tried their live pasta station too, their white sauce is too milky and not so creamy. 

You can see the chefs, roaming around checking on the food they are serving. You can approach them and they are friendly. ;)