Sunday, December 20, 2015

Arnold's Fried Chicken - City Plaza Singapore Branch

ABBEY: I read a lot regarding Arnold's Fried Chicken and most of them says that it taste great. So when we got a date with our "Singapore parents", we planned to try to dine their first branch at City Plaza (#02-99). 

Long queue greeted us but you can place your order while waiting. We got 2-piece chicken meal with fries coleslaw and drink. A couple of minutes later then we were led to our table and a few moments and our meal came.

The chicken was freshly cooked. It was crunchy and juicy. This was the closest to Pinoy's Jollibee Chicken Joy. It was good that to know I can have an alternative. The chicken was really good that we had take-aways. I hope they can serve rice on their menu.

WILL: One of Abbey's Diners List is Arnold's. Arnold's Chicken is the oldest and most famous chicken here in Singapore. In saying that, we invited our own "oldies" to splurge on this restaurant. Haha. 

When we arrived at City Plaza (nearest MRT is Paya Lebar) we were astonished on its queue. We waited for 20minutes before our number was called. They are pretty systematic on their table system. Plus points. :) 

We all ordered 2 pieces chicken with 2 side dishes and I requested a coke float. After we dined, I witnessed myself why it is famous! The chicken is crispy and juicy. Just like our own Jollibee Chicken Joy. 

We will sure be coming back...that is for sure!