Thursday, December 24, 2015

Universal Studios Singapore® - Santa's All-Star Christmas 2015

ABBEY: I've been to Universal Studios Singapore many times and I act as a tour guide to our visitors. This time my highschool bestfriend paid a visit. The theme park "theme" is of course Christmas as the holiday is fast approaching. We were given candy canes at the entrance. We first rode the Madagascar : A Crate Adventure. Next is the 4D movie of Shrek in Far Far Away. After that was the new ride Puss in Boots' Giant Journey. I started to get dizzy. Haha.
We also got a chance to watch a dance showdown by Rockafellaz; Pinoy's very own Streetboys. We had pizza and pasta for lunch. Good thing that it was saved by Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.
We got a chance to see and feel how it is like to be in a sound studio in Lights, Camera, Action.

By the time we rode Transformers The Ride, my head is really spinning. It rained hard but still Wilma and Jennnee queued up for Cyclon of Battlestar Gallactica. Me? Just waiting for them to finish.

No one ride The Mummy indoor roller coaster. No one wants to experience the unknown.

We also got a snap with Marilyn Monroe. As the rain pour hard, we rested in Jurassic Park's Discovery Centre while sipping coffee and munching chicken lollipops. The Waterworld show was cancelled due to the weather.

The last ride we had is the Canopy Flyer. Our guest was happy and got a great time.

WILL: This is my first time to go to Universal Studios Singapore during festive season. Why? Because I am avoiding a jam-packed themed park, because I hate long queues for the rides and for the toilets, because it is very hard to take a seat for some snacks, and ultimately.. because I will not enjoy the rest of the day. But, when we were there, there is no queue at all, but of course except the leading rides. Haha. 

I am praying not to rain but it did. It is Sunday but the sun fails to showed up! Argh! But still the fun never stops. Umbrella is on! Haha. 

I enjoyed their Sesame Street Saves Christmas Show, as if I came back to my childhood! Haha. As the rain is pouring, we sat and ate at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. Luckily when we went out from the diner, drizzles greeted us. Oh, I am so excited for this.. Battlestar Galactica Cyclone version. Wohoooo! I only got to try the human version because the cyclone is always under repair when we visited the park. So what I can say? Cyclone version is indeed the best! Literally a hair-raiser, haha! I want to go for one more ride but Jennee refused my suggestion. Hmp!  

Next stop is the Transformers. Because I am with engineers, after the ride, they are explaining how it was made. Still raining, so we go to witness my one of favorite, Lights..Camera..Action. The. We go for kiddie ride Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Speaking rides for kids, we also got to try the new Puss in Boots Giant Journey and Abbey and Jennee cursed me when I asked them to seat behind the Canopy Flyer at The Lost World. 

We ate our snack at Discovery Food Court with my favourite corndog. Haha! We ended our USS tour with Donkey Show. We are definitely entertained. 

I hope our visitor enjoyed as we do. :) haha! Thanks rain and cloud another first time. First time visiting USS with no sunburn.