Friday, December 18, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition @ Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: When somebody says or boasts that her bag is from Louis Vuitton, I can say "Wow that must cost a fortune". In current times, owning a branded merchandise means that you can afford a lot. But there are more factors than meet the eye. Louis Vuitton proved it on their exhibition "Louis Vuitton Series 3". The designers found and revived an old emblem found in the their trunk. The logo now has a circle around it.

Series 3 shows the collection of new designs where in fact they are "old". Old in a sense that the designs or patterns were already there but got missed for a long time like the trunk keyhole and diamond patterns.

They also presented how a handbag was made. Every stitch and overlay of the fabric is carefully done by the artists. Some of them flew to Singapore to show how its done. Simple tools were used to make them. Now I know why they cost a lot. It is for the effort and hardwork rendered to each of them.

WILL: After our date at DC Comics Cafe, we headed immediately to this Louis Vuitton Series 3 pop-up museum. 

We were warmly welcomed by the staffs. The guided tour is very informative. From historic trunks to the fashion shows and to the 2 people originated from Paris just to show live how they do their handcrafts. Now, I know where they get the inspiration on the new line of Louis Vuitton. Yeahbah! Abbey also got an idea how will be my future closet look like. :) 

Once we get out of that hall, I appreciate more the Louis Vuitton products. It is a work of art from the heart of many people working in those pieces for days, weeks or even months.