Thursday, December 17, 2015

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe - Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: Wilma gave me a treat to celebrate the day we became BF/GF. It was on the DC Comics Cafe at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Since it was all for royalty, the prices soared up compared to cafes offering the same items. Setting it aside, the experience is unique. The child in me is shouting for excitement. Sorry Batman, but Superman is my favorite.

I got a burger with nachos and iced chococinno. I liked the patty as it reminds me of the fillings of "lumpiang shanghai" we have back in Philippines. The bun has Superman's emblem as well as the drink. Nothing much difference from other Western restaurant. Beside the cafe are the novelty items for sale. 

From time to time it is ok to splurge on those treats. :)

WILL: We are still celebrating our boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary even we are married. Are we considered crazy to do that? Haha. 

I treated Abbey at DC Comics Cafe located just above at ice skating rink of Marina Bay Sands. Because of the free lunch in the office, I am very full and I cannot take another solid food. I am just there to sip a hot cup of tea and linger to the glorious face of my husband.

The food was served and my Abbey's face turned back to childhood. He relentlessly tell tales why he chose Superman rather than Batman. So, from that, you know what he ordered right? He ordered Superman's line of food. 

I enjoyed the restaurant's very childish ambiance. Some of the patrons wore their fave characters' shirt while dining in there..clever. 

Are we going back in there? Yep! I think so!