Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

ABBEY:  Book or movie? That would be an endless argument especially that this came from the Bible. 

We won a pair of 3D Premiere night tickets on Shaw Lido. It is the story of Moses; from his years as prince of Egypt until leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. It showed how God sent the plagues due to Pharaoh's hardened heart on releasing the Hebrews from bondage. No one will finish his plans and no one will work for him if that happens. 

My imagination for the story when I was a child came to life and I'm happy with it. Though, there are points that should not be depicted as such but as the saying goes, to each his own. I'm glad that this movie somehow became an antidote for Noah's silverscreen appearance.

WILL: I am really pretty disappointed about "Noah" and that is the reason why I do not want to watch Exodus. But when it came to my knowledge that Christian Bale will play as Moses, I am somewhat convinced by Abbey to watch it one weekend. 

Why pay if you can get it for free? We won a movie preview in 3D at Shaw Lido. Whooah! Totally blessed. 

The story was well read in Bible's old testament that I am not quite familiar but some of the magnificent parts are all clear in my mind. I saw some of the scenes were altered and they made an explanation. It is terrifying that they have the guts to amend what was written. 

Anyway, for the movie effects and actors 9/10. Well played... Well played...