Friday, December 12, 2014

SILEO Balamban in Cebu City

ABBEY: Honestly, I forgot the name of the place where this beautiful house is located. But I do know that it is an hour travel from Cebu city proper and you will go up, yes up not north as it is on top of a hill. 

It's a 3-storey house; guest rooms with toilet and bath at level one. Next storey is dining, kitchen and living room. And on the top is a library and the master's bedroom. Since it is on a hill, the second floor acts as the main one. 

A veranda will give you a good view of adjacent hills. In early mornings, fog engulfs this space. There is a nearby restaurant which offers not only food but have "anger and fear management" activities. You can throw a plate on the wall if you're angry or conquer your fear by riding the zipline. The place is very good for relaxing and vacation.

WILL: Hey Cebuanos are you envious of people in Luzon because they have Baguio City? Look no further. You also have Balamban that Manila boys and girls are eyeing for their next vacation trip.

When we get there at Cebu, John’s mom is our host, Mommy Coy. She lent us car and their rest house up above Mount Manunggal for a night. We went there late that we never got a chance to have a glimpse of the whole area. When we arrived at their home, we were shocked to see the food waiting for us. It’s a feast!

The famous lechon Cebu was there, wine, rice and a lot more that our tummies cannot afford to take more. After our dinner we stayed outside for some wine. We talked, laughed and reminisced. It is November and the weather is so freezing cold. The breeze is cold as Baguio City but fresher.

After finishing our drinks we went to our rooms and awed with joy. Shocks! In my head, I am thinking is this a hotel or  just a house? We are so lucky to experienced this stay here! I told to myself by tomorrow I will ask Mommy Coy how much she invested in this magnificent home.

Sun rose and we were all up. Showered and went to Adventure Cafe. After our zip line escapade we went back to the Sileo and saw Mommy Coy. The ever warm and all-smile Mommy Coy. We talked about the house and more plans for the home. We told her that the rest house is awesome and why not help the others to experience also the wonderful time we had while staying in her home. Abbey and I confess that we want also a home that exactly like that. A peaceful home surrounded by green scenery.

Now readers, we are so excited to announce that this resthouse is open for public. Bed and Breakfast Style. We personally recommend for you to stay and know for yourself the amazing and serene time we had in this place.

For more information, please visit SILEO facebook page.