Sunday, December 28, 2014

PK (2014)

ABBEY: Well I cannot say that it is "another" Indian movie. Why? There are talks and movements to ban the showing of this film on India. 

We watched it at Jade Cinema (Shaw Towers) a day after its release. Of all the taboo topics, they picked a fragile one: religion. 

We can't argue with an alien asking god to help him find his lost remote as the inhabitants of the earth always tell him that only god can help him. He tried rituals of all sorts of sects but nothing happened. He even questioned the god what would he do. One group says to take off your sandals when going in to the temple while the other insist on wearing it. And it is very confusing for him as he was out of this planet for having so much rules. 

What I am happy about in the movie is that he reiterated that there is only one God and all others are "wrong numbers". Good one, PK. Another movie to be recommended from Aamir Khan.

WILL: Aamir Khan is keen to entertain his audiences not only with his acts and antics but with the role he is accepting. From inspiring 3 Idiots to the massive action movie Dhoom 3, Aamir loved to awed his fans!

Lump formed in my throat when PK cried when he lost his hope to find his missing remote control. Oh my! I want to cry now, I just remember how painful for him to search for an answer. He accidentally saw a factory of images of gods and cried in front of them. He asked them what is the proper way to talk to them for them to give what he wanted. I hope that scene made the moviegoers to analyze their beliefs.

This is a movie that I will totally recommend! 10/10!