Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Night of Comedy with Rex Navarrete 2014 (Hosted by: Orion Perez)

ABBEY: This is the second time Rex visited Singapore and I'm glad we won a pair of ticket for his two-night performance by simply answering who is the character he made famous helping the Superfriends. Yes, it is Maritess.

The show was held at Drama Theatre of School of the Arts (SOTA; near Dhoby Ghaut MRT). Singapore-based Filipino comedian Orion Perez prepared our jaw and belly with his antics by speaking in a lot of accents. Like Australian, British, German, chong-ching-chang (Chinese), shubu-shubu-shubu (French), Singlish and (pakata-katak) Pinoy English.After thirty minutes or so, he introduced Rex.

Rex started his act by telling the story about his flight. It was very funny. "Don't "fanic", don't "fanic".  Then, he told us regarding the very first and probably the last dinner of his friend on their house. His friend definitely had a nightmare eating "black rocky road" (dinuguan).

Just like the first one, that night is great. I laughed a lot and I had a good time. Hoping that someday, Rex and Russel Peters will team up. Somebody's gonna hurt real bad. :)

WILL: It's harder to make someone laugh than it to make them cry. Comedians are the best pleasers in the world. We usually love them than hate them. That is why I salute this artist specially the stand-up comedians.

Last, 28th of November we went to SOTA Drama Theatre to see live one of the famous stand-up comedian in America.. Rex Navarrete. This is the second time we will watch him on stage and for this round we got this for free. Thanks to Curtis Curtis for the free pair of tickets.

Master of Accents (Orion Perez) a fellow Filipino living here in Singapore heated the stage by making his distinguished act.. The wacky way in explaining the accents of different people around the world. OMG! I laughed so hard when he say how the Filipinos talk, that we are like a duck... haha!

After Orion’s performance, Rex immediately came out and make us laugh out loud when he is explaining his experience in PAL. Well, I kinda experienced that around 2-3 incidents also while boarding the  Philippine Flag Carrier. I don’t want to explicate more, I do not want to spoil and divulge all their antics. But really, 2-3 hours is not enough to watch this guy. I want to befriend this kind of man. I think he turned in to laughing stock every hardships he had.

Better watch this kind of performances. Laughing is good for your heart, brain and lungs! Till next time Mr. Rex!