Monday, December 1, 2014

Robata Robata Japanese Dining Buffet @Westgate

ABBEY: The first time I saw this restaurant on third storey of Westgate Mall, I told myself that I'll be dining in it.  Lo and behold, we decided to hold my post-birthday celebration lunch there with my ever-beautiful date, Wilma. 

I munched on their grilled chicken wings and also on grilled saba. I took a sample of their tepanyaki with chicken as meat. It was delicious. The mushroom give it a good aroma and taste. Since this is a Japanese restaurant, sushi will be present. 

My favourite inari is there. With chopsticks, wasabi and soy sauce, I ate a plateful of sushi. I also tried their porridge. Then I went for Japanese curry. It really went well with Japanese rice and chicken karaage. I thought I'll not be having  room for dessert but I did. I got chocolate ice. I washed them all up with a couple of lemonade.

WILL: It is Abbey’s long-month birthday celebration and to grant one of his wish, we dined at Robata Robata at Westgate.

Robata is a style of cooking on which originated in Japan. It is similar with the usual barbeque. But we dined at lunch so the pit was closed. Anyways we always want to lessen the grilled food.

Luckily they have a promotion until the 19th of December and we only paid for $26.90++ instead of $33.90++. From 12PM – 2:30 we were there! Can you do that? Non-stop eating? This is Japanese Buffet, and what is one of their specialty except for the Robatayaki? Well they also have Teppanyaki! If you know how to mix and match the vegetable with different sauces, that side is for you.

But for me and Abbey, we settled to already cooked-food. Of course I splurge on seafoods! Tempura, fresh shrimps, sashimi, sugata-zukuri, crabs, sushis! OMG! They occupied a large part of my tummy. Haha! Before my dessert. I tried their Japanese rice plus their famous curry. Then I looked for tonkatsu but there is none! Disappointing.

I got their lemonade. Finish 3 glasses of it, and on my count Abbey got 5. Haha! I have waffle topped with chocolate ice cream as my dessert.

Thanks Baby for your lunch treat! We headed home and never ate dinner for that day! Haha!