Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

ABBEY: Wow, another M.I. movie. I want to watch this to see the gadgets used in the film. Tom Cruise nailed it again as Ethan for the mission to be successful. My feet and hands became sweaty as he climbed Burj Khalifa. What amazed me the most is the BMW car. I've seen the replica of it displayed in Suntec Convention Center before the movie was shown in theaters. I thought I can only see that model of car in racing games. That was great. Just as the other M.I. movies the plot is simple but the effects are great.

WILL:  When the woman lit the light, ha!, all memories keep pouring. Me and my dad is a avid fan of this series. Those were the days. Omg! I miss him. 
       Ok, enough for going back, Mission Impossible is a great movie. A blockbuster indeed. Impossible for ordinary people but possible for agents with a great expertise and right gadgets. 
9/10. This is my kind of movie.