Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wingstop Singapore - The Wing Experts (Bedok Mall Branch)

ABBEY: Since Wingstop only has one store in Singapore (Bedok Mall), going here is a challenge fo us living in the West. Not until December 2014 where they opened another branch at City Square Mall.

But never mind that, once you're in sitting and munching on their delicious and flavorful chicken, nothing else matters. I like the most is their garlic parmesan flavor. The saltiness is right in every bite and after taste of garlic will kick in. Next flavors are lemon pepper and Oriental Soy pepper (for Singapore only). I'm not a fan of hot and spicy flavors. 

Wilma wants to try the atomic but declined on second thought, maybe we'll try it next time. You can either order classic chicken wing or chicken tenders so you can eat all up.

WILL: When Abbey and I were going to Changi for his EMEA shift, we smelled a terrific aroma of freshly fried chicken. We looked around and I saw a man holding a carrier of Wingstop. I asked Abbey for his tablet and googled the branches where I can buy it. At that time their only branch is at Bedok Mall. So far away but we still made it at Wingstop not only once but twice! 

I get the second spicy flavoured chicken (Original Hot). Poor decision, I should get their hottest chicken. I ate those wings messily. The meat is tender. Not bloody and the flavor sinked in up to the bones.

Finger-lickingly-awesome! Try this and for sure you will not get disappointed. They will give you a freshly fried chicken; You-order-They'll cook policy. :)