Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fat Cow Palace - Chinatown

ABBEY: Big burgers are a craze nowadays. Just like Zark's burger in Philippines. Singapore's Fat Cow Palace in Temples Street (nearest MRT is Chinatown - Purple Line) offers a wide variety of burgers on their menu. 

As promotion, for only 9.50sgd, you can get a whole burger meal; big burger, fries, and a drink. I got the beef burger instead of chicken. The best part is that the beef pattie is not ground, it is pulled. Yes, just like the corned beef is made. The presentation is awesome. It was served in a chopping board, with side salad, burger in the middle and the fries were in a cute little fryer. The burger tastes somehow close to a Malaysian-kind of taste, but it was good. 

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Direct from office, we headed straight towards the Fat Cow Palace which just a street away from Chinatown MRT station. I asked for Crispy Chicken Tower Burger Set. 

In a burger business nowadays, if you do not present your food nicely, taste is just a norm and not in reasonable price, you will be doomed to failure. 

After almost half an hour of waiting, the huge burgers and fries is in front of us. I know it will be a messy dinner for me. :) Their fried slab of chicken inside is really crispy and tasty. Their fries is so thick.

If you're just around the area of Chinatown, don't forget to drop by at Fat Cow Palace Restaurant at Temple Street.